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With the Covid-19 pandemic, many are struggling through this time to find doctors, covid tests, etc.  

Dr. Kimberly L. Webb opened her very own private practice in Water Valley, Mississippi, February of 2020. Webb has been extremely successful since she opened her clinic. She has gained numerous new patients from Oxford and more specifically Ole Miss. She and her staff have been taking the Covid-19 precautions very seriously, however, the clinic has closed twice due to the staff members being infected by the virus.

Dr. Kimberly L. Webb is a board certified family physician with over 20 years of practice. She was born in Jackson, Mississippi and grew up in a small town in South Delta, Louise, where the population is around 150 people. 

She attended the University of Mississippi, medical school at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, and completed her residency at the University of Tennessee.

She is married to Ted Nerren and they have five children together ranging from ages 5-21. She grew up babysitting children in highschool and said initially her heart was leaning toward becoming a pediatrician. When Webb began her residency things changed, she said that family medicine allowed for more variety in her work.

 In her residency at the University of Tennessee, she delivered babies and thought maybe Obstetrics was what she wanted to do because her love for children was so big. When she finished her residency she realized, “I delivered a bunch of babies, but when I got out the malpractice climate was you know, not that great as far as a family medicine doctor doing OB. So, I decided I would just stick to the family medicine part.” 

Webb has worked for a few different hospitals since her residency. She worked for rural hospitals in Cleveland Mississippi, as well as Baptist Memorial Hospital-Calhoun for 3 years. 

She realized she wanted to open her own small practice in Water Valley, Mississippi. She found a building space that was originally a coffee shop and bed and breakfast. She opened the Webb Family Medical Clinic in Water Valley, Mississippi, about 8 months ago now. 

She always knew she wanted to have her own practice and her main goal was for it to be in a small town like the one she grew up in. She stated “I just thought this was the time to do it before I got too old and tired, but I just wanted a small family practice in a small town.” 

She explained her inspiration stemmed from her childhood family doctor because he was always so personable with his patients and she admired that about his practice. She said that another special aspect about having her small practice is with the patients. Her goal is for her patients to feel remembered after visiting the clinic, like her childhood doctor did. 

She has been incredibly busy with business since her grand opening in February of this year. With Covid-19 happening in our world today, she said having her own practice has been special to her because she is able to help anyone and everyone in Water Valley.

As far as Covid-19 and the precautions for her patients at high risk, Webb explained, “I wouldn’t necessarily bring in a healthy 65 year old or older or, you know, less than 3 year old into the clinic when we’re doing these Corona tests. So it’s more specific I guess to timing, you know when we can see patients it’s not as walk in friendly.” 

Webb Family Medical Clinic received the “Rapid test” pretty quickly, “So we got a lot of the Ole Miss students early on and started doing the antibody testing probably in like April which was pretty quick before some of the clinics around.” Having the rapid testing and antibody tests, brought in many new patients. 

As far as testing for Ole Miss students, if one were to test positive, the result is immediately reported to the health department. Webb also emphasized that since she does have Ole Miss students coming in to see her, she wants the students to know Covid-19 testing isn’t a scary thing and it’s the right thing to do if you are feeling under the weather. She also wants students to know she will be there to help them as she knows, for some, home can be far away from Ole Miss.

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