A New Restaurant on the Block

Susie Miley and her husband, Greg, have just opened their second franchise of Fox’s pizza here in Oxford. Located on Sisk Avenue, Fox’s will be a great restaurant for college students and pizza lovers alike.


The restaurant has a wide variety of items on the menu from pizza to wings, salads and hoagies of all kinds. Fox’s pizza prides themselves on great customer service and giving off a family oriented vibe. Susie opened her first Fox’s restaurant in Tupelo in 2017 and after 2 years of great feedback she decided to open another restaurant in Oxford.

Susie has 3 children that have attended Ole Miss and she knows that a restaurant can do great things in this environment with the right menu and staff. The location of the restaurant is nice because the building is large and is placed in an up and coming location in Oxford where more shops and department stores are looking to open in the beginning of 2021.

Fox’s pizza opening day will be Monday October 12th and they will be looking for employees immediately. This is the biggest challenge Susie said the restaurant will face along with Covid.

Susie spoke about covid and said that the restaurant being able to only function at half capacity will hurt a little bit to start but ,”We will be able to move past this” as long as they get off on the right foot. Fox’s pizza in Tupelo has been a go-to spot she says and that everyone loves the atmosphere inside the place. A family friendly dining room with TVs across the wall will attract almost any pizza lover and having a quality menu to choose from can only help their case.

This new location will now feature a dessert menu which they did not have before and Susie is excited to implement it. Cinnamon sticks, pizza cookie and a s’mores pizza are the highlights of the new dessert menu and she said her employees and close friends and family have already been raving about the new items. She explained that adding a dessert menu will attract customers to come for different reasons. “You can’t find a s’mores pizza in vey many places,” and anything to keep the customers coming back Mrs. Miley is willing to do it.

The most unique item on the menu is the Big Daddy Pizza. A 30-inch pizza box with what seems like unlimited slices will be an attraction for college kids for years to come. 50 slices in the box for $45 will have a group of friends stuffed for days. This is what Susie loved about her menu is that no matter how hungry you are, there is something on the menu for you.

The pizza size list ranges from 6 inches to the Big Daddy. “No matter the size they will be made with the same quality and care,” said Susie. Susie was talking about the wings on the menu and said that they bake their wings to give them a little more of a healthy option but says they are to die for.

Covid has been challenging in one way or another for all us. It has impacted us in ways that we could not imagine but as the days go on we are figuring out how to adapt with our new normal and make the best of what we have. This is a message that Susie has been preaching to her staff and is determined to not let this hold them back from starting off on the right foot.

She agreed to the rent this past fall and had this plan in place long before Covid came about. Even after the pandemic hit, Susie was excited about her new opportunity in Oxford and to have a chance at becoming a new hot spot in town.

Oxford is known for many things but everyone knows that if you like food Oxford is a great spot for you. Starting a new restaurant in town might not be the easiest thing but having success with this same restaurant in the past, Susie is up for the task.

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